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Our Civil design and construction team has executed several projects starting from residential projects, roads & infrastructure, helipads and runways, office complex buildings, to integrated projects ( as Field logistics bases and plant buildings)

I - Civil projects

Python Engineering co. ltd has a vast team of experienced civil engineers that combine design skills to Excellency in execution.
All PECL Engineers are committed to delivery of quality engineering and construction products and services to our teeming clients in all sectors. We engage competent, motivated employees and abide by customer, regulatory and statutory requirements on our business environment. We adopt as well continual improvement as permanent objectives and review the performance of our quality management system from time to time.

II - Road construction projects

Python has a vast experience in road construction both concrete and asphalt roads and all their ancillaries as drainages, sidewalks, culverts, signage... Python has executed several major projects in that area.

III - Integrated projects

Python is currently executing her scope of work in phase 2 of Forcados Yokri Integrated project.
Royal Dutch Shell PLC has taken huge investment decisions on two big projects in Nigeria to reduce associated gas flaring in the Niger Delta.
The Forcados Yokri integrated project and the Southern Swamp associated gas gathering project will be in addition to the $2 billion flare reduction program that the Shell Petroleum Development Co. of Nigeria Ltd. joint venture has installed since 2000.

Python Completed in 2006, the phase1 of the project:
  • Construction of 12 accommodation Blocks
  • Construction of Medical building
  • Construction of Kitchen/ dining and recreation center
  • Construction of 2 electrical substations
  • Construction of admin. Building
  • Construction of warehouse
  • Construction of Control building
  • Construction of laboratory building
  • Construction of guard house and helicopter waiting room

And all related and connecting, infrastructure, networks, roads, street lights, landscaping and other utilities facilitating the use of these buildings.
Because of the consistency, good work and determination of Python team, SPDC awarded to Python the phase2 of the project which is still under execution.