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Python Engineering Company Ltd has combined its expertise both in marine & civil services and has designed, fabricated, installed and executed several camps both on land and on offshore barges and locations by construction of accommodation units, office units, kitchen and messing units, recreational units, self-contained toilet units and technical units.
Camps erected for:

  • Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) - (Tank Farm- Escravos) – FM NMA accommodation Camp
  • Southern GAS Constructors (SGC-A Joint Venture of KBR and Saipem) (EGTL-Escravos) - Office Camp
  • Delattre - Bezons Nigeria Limited (DBNL) - (OBEN Life camp) – Accommodation Camp
  • The Shell Petroleum Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC) – (FYIP- Yokri-North Bank) –Accommodation Camp
  • The Shell Petroleum Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC) – (FYIP- Forcados terminal) –Accommodation Camp
  • The Shell Petroleum Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC) – (Otumara-Saghara-Escravos) –Accommodation Camps
  • JAD Construction Limited (JCL) (EGTL-ESCRAVOS) - Office Camp

Python’s accommodation units and other utility units are fabricated to withstand offshore severe weather conditions and are known for their special designs and are made according to client's requests, rendering a combination of excellent finishing uplifted with the highest standards of safety gears & equipment, meeting latest international criteria.