• To ensure prompt and quality delivery of construction works and services
  • To ensure customer satisfaction at all times
  • To produce and construct Quality products in line with clients specifications
  • To engage a team of highly motivated professionals cutting across the broad spectrum of engineering discipline
  • To deploy dependable, reliable technology and equipment to execute jobs
  • To be profitable

Mission and Vision

Remaining number one provider of high quality, time bound and cost effective, marine logistics and engineering services, to meet clients’ key business requirements.

To be the leading Engineering service provider, known for quality and value, using the most advanced tools and technologies.
To be the preferred, trusted and successful long term partner to our clients, associates and our employees.


Python engineering company limited is led by honesty, skills, competency, fairness, and business ethics. Python is built on essential values including:
  • An unwavering commitment to high standards of health, safety and environmental protection
  • A true respect for the business ethics and the environment
  • A rewarding corporate culture that inspires pride, is empowering, and offers career opportunities
  • A devotion to providing continuous training for our team members