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From the maintenance of marine vessels, barges and tugboats in her shipyard at 47 Enerhen road, Warri, in the early 90s, PECL has acquired a vast experience in shipyard services and then progressed to the construction of different marine vessels, such as houseboats, ramp barges, flat top barges, fuel barges, water barges, dredgers, pontoons, offshore and onshore Port A Cabins and even tugboats.
In early 2002, PECL started her Marine Logistic Services and hence built a huge Marine fleet of Houseboats and Barges and Tugboats to the Latest European standards.

Python owns currently the most advanced-fitted fleet of inshore and offshore marine fleet. This Fleet is presently considered the biggest in Africa, varying from Passenger boats & tugboats, to barges & Houseboats and even to offshore vessels.

I - Shipyard services

  • Construction of vessels
  • Construction of onshore & offshore Cabins
  • Construction of Warehouses
  • Construction of Platforms & various steel structures
  • Dry-docking of vessels & refurbishment works

Python Engineering Company Ltd has an independent and self-contained marine base located at 47 Enerhen road, Warri, in the Delta State of Nigeria. This marine base constitute the core of her marine and shipyard services extended to clients and to Python owned fleet of vessels.

The Marine base is situated on a total fenced area of 9.110 Acres (36,867.031 sqm). It contains a big stocking area for steel (more than 1000 Tons), a slipway extending from the river to an open space to a roofed warehouse, it has also a jetty with a waterfront of 200m length, two mechanical workshops, an office building and a big storage warehouse serving the mechanical workshops as well as all the inland and offshore locations (Offshore Marine vessels: Spare engines; propulsion system, generators, plumbing & electrical items...)

II - Provision of accommodation vessels

Python’s fleet of Accommodation Barges and Houseboats is considered the biggest fleet in Africa. It offers both Comfort and luxury for occupants and workers in the oil sector in the safest environment. Python’s accommodation vessels are known for their special design rendering a combination of excellent finishing uplifted with the highest standards of safety gears & equipment meeting latest international criteria.

Our Fleets consists of various Accommodation Barges/Houseboats with different capacities (50 Men to 700 Men).

All our Accommodation Barges-Houseboats are self-powered with either Diesel or Gas Sound Proof Generators ranging from 200 KVA to 1500 KVA depending on the project’s requirement.

III - Provision of marine logistics services

Python has been a leading entity in this domain. Python offers a various diversity of choices of new vessels among its wide fleet.
  • Offshore Vessels (OSV, PSV, FSIV...)
  • Offshore Tugboats
  • Swamp and sea- going offshore barges (400 T to 3000 Tons)
    • Water barges
    • Fuel barges
    • Environmental barges
    • Ramp barges
    • Flat top barges
    • Lay barges
    • Crane Barges with lifting capacity up to 300 Tons
  • Light Marine vessels and passenger boats
  • Security Patrol boats
  • Ambulance boats
  • In-land & offshore pusher Tugboats (500 Hp To 2680 Hp)