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Starting date June, 2011
Status : ongoing
Shell Petroleum development company-SPDC
Royal Dutch Shell PLC has taken final investment decisions on two further projects in Nigeria to reduce associated gas flaring in the Niger Delta. The Forcados Yokri integrated project and the Southern Swamp associated gas gathering project will be in addition to the $2 billion flare reduction program that the Shell Petroleum Development Co. of Nigeria Ltd. joint venture has installed since 2000.

The two new projects are expected to produce 100,000 b/d of oil equivalent and 85,000 boe/d, respectively, at peak production and reduce flaring intensity per barrel of oil produced. SPDC has a 30% interest in both projects, the cost of which totals $4 billion.

Python Engineering Company Limited has completed in 2007 the first phase of the project consisting of the construction of several plant buildings:
2 electrical substations, administrative Building, warehouse & Workshop, Control building, laboratory building, guard house, helipad and helicopter waiting room

PECL is presently executing her awarded contract, phase 2 of the FYIP project : Completion and commissioning of FYIP Field Logistics base and Plant buildings:
  • 12 accommodation Blocks
  • Kitchen/ dining and recreation center
  • 2 electrical substations
  • Administrative Building
  • warehouse
  • Workshop
  • Control building
  • Laboratory building
  • Guard house
  • Helipad and helicopter waiting room
Python is expected to commission and deliver her part of the project in the last quarter of 2017.