Provision of offshore security vessels
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Starting date May, 2011
Status : ongoing
Chevron Nigeria Limited
Python Engineering Company Limited is a leading company in providing security services for major oil companies at offshore locations. PECL has been providing such services since 2011 and has lately added to her fleet brand new “Flex40” vessels equipped with latest technologies in security services.

What distinguishes our fleet from other vessels is the additional features that we have added to our new vessels to be in the lead in marine security role in the region, not limited to :

  • 1. Ballistic proof panels all around the wheel house
  • 2. Remote CCTV system internally and externally showing all areas of the vessel and surroundings with CCTV monitor in the wheel house and in the command Center
  • 3. Thermal Imaging Cameras FLIR TCX /Thermal Bullet Security Camera ranging to 1.2 Nautical miles with monitor in the wheel house and in the command Center
  • 3. Command Center situated at the Main deck with Marine Radar, GPS, CCTV Monitor fitted and Thermal Imaging Camera monitor fitted
  • 4. Safe for arms and ammunition with digital lock
  • 5. Inmarsat C system/ Ship security alert system (SSAS) / & Bridge Navigational alarm system BNWAS
  • 6. FLIR BHM-3X Bi-ocular Handheld Thermal night vision camera ranging to 3.4Km
  • 7. EFMS – Electronic Fuel Monitoring system with Coriolis fuel sensors fixed on all engines and generators with remote access to the system to be checking data anywhere and anytime

In addition to their security role our vessels can as well play many roles in case of emergencies:

  • 1- Offshore personnel and Cargo Transfers
  • 2- Standby and medivac
  • 3- Fire Fighting